International Day of Peace   
                     On Friday 19th September  2014
                 start 19:00 to the next morning 7:00, 
                                for 12hours

                                        at Maarten Luther Kerk 
                                    Dintelstraat 134,  Amsterdam-Zuid

Religion, other spiritual activities, music, art etc., there are many ways to seek a way to live on earth. None of them succeed to bring us  Harmony of World Peace yet. This day we would like to experience many different approaches together and think about 
"What is Peace ?" , "What does it do to us?"and "What can I do for it?"   This year we are expanding our search, with a more emotional impact. I am looking forward to see the outcome!  Our event is experimental and evoking ourselves each time to seek truth.
At the same time linking with other events worldwide to create a flow of our wishes running around the earth. Praying for world Peace is praying for our own individual happiness as well. 

                                         May Peace prevail on Earth 
                                                                                      Byakko & World Peace society Rep
                                                                                         Shinji Kasema

                     Great Thank you to :
                                                    Maarten Luther kerk 
                                                                      to be able to realize this event(ceremony).

                                      Members of organizing IDP Amsterdam.
                                                  Shinji Kasema(WPPS)
                                                  rev. Andreas  Woehle (Evangelisch Lutherese Gemeente Amsterdam)
                           supported by:   Mie Takahashi 
                                                  Ippolito Forni